We have just released introductory videos to deep learning and the Neural Network Console in English.

Friday, October 02, 2020


Posted by Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

Recently, the use of deep learning is accelerating faster than ever.
We have been providing deep learning IDE called Neural Network Console that makes it easy for anyone to utilize deep learning since 2017.
And we have also been providing videos (Japanese) on YouTube that explains the basics of deep learning and how to use the Neural Network Console for those who want to learn deep learning quickly since 2018.

Today, we have translated the basic contents of these videos into English and published them on the following YouTube channel, video, and playlists.


Neural Network Console YouTube Channel

It’s 2020. Let’s Get Started with Deep Learning!

Introduction to Deep Learning (Full)

Neural Network Console Tutorial (For Windows)


Anyone can watch these videos for free.
It is especially suitable for beginners trying to learn and master deep learning from scratch.

We hope these videos help you further accelerate the use of deep learning.