We today release “Neural Network Console.”

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Posted by Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

We release the “Neural Network Console” for free.

That is the integrated development tool for Windows that realizes efficient deep learning application technology development.


This tool has actually been used in deep learning applied technology development in-house since 2015.

Various functions are loaded so that developers such as recognition technology can concentrate on essential try and error.

It has become a very breakthrough tool that has simplicity while it realizes full-fledged technical development of the product mounting level

It is a tool that be definitely recommend to those who want to develop intelligent technology efficiently, as well as those who touch Deep Learning for the first time.



The AI field is expected to be grown up rapidly.

We look forward to creating the rich future which is realized by AI technology with users.

I hope that you feel good using Neural Network Console.


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