We today released “Neural Network Console – Cloud” open beta

Friday, November 10, 2017


Posted by Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

We today released the “Neural Network Console – Cloud” open beta version for free.
That is the integrated development tool that realizes efficient deep learning application technology development.

One feature of the ”Neural Network Console – Windows” released in August this year, was easy to use just by installing it.
Today, we provide a cloud version. It is more easily to use comparing with Windows version, becuase all you need is just create an account.
The cloud version runs on the browser, so it can be used with various OS.

In open beta period, You can use 10 GB of storage, 10 hours of CPU time and 10 projects for free.
We will improve quality throughout open beta period, and we will offer fast training function by using multiple-GPUs for a fee in the future.

The AI field is expected to be grown up rapidly.
We look forward to pioneering the possibilities of deep learning with much more users through “Neural Network Console – Cloud”.