Dataset management window

Friday, November 03, 2017


Posted by Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

In the dataset management window, you can either create or open a dataset, and also preview a dataset you used in the past from the history list.


Using the dataset management window


1 Creating a image classification dataset based on categorized folder-separated data

  1. Prepare image data classified by folder.


  1. Click DATASET on the screen after startup and display the dataset management window.


  1. Click Create Dataset button. Create dataset dialog opens.


  1. Make settings related to dataset creation


Source Dir Specify the folder where data is installed folder-separated data is placed.
Output Dir Specify the output folder to create dataset.
Shaping Mode Specify how to fit the aspect ratio if the aspect ratio is different from specified image size.


Trimming : Discard the both end of the image data.

Padding : Insert 0 in blank spaces of image data.

Output Color Ch Specify the number of data channels as 1 (monochrome) or 3 (RGB color).
Output Width Specify the width of the output image.
Output Height Specify the height of the output image.
Shuffle the order of the data Shuffle data (Checked by default).
FileName Specify output dataset file name
Ratio (%) Specify the percentage of data to use.


  1. Click Apply button to start creating dataset


2 Opening a dataset stored on the disk

  1. Click Open Dataset.
  2. Select the dataset file (*.CSV file) you want to open.


The selected network template opens, and the project window appears.


3 Previewing a dataset you used in the past

Option 1: Click a dataset you used in the past shown in the dataset management window.

Option 2: Move the cursor to the dataset.


A preview of the dataset is displayed on the right of the screen.


4 Filtering the dataset you used in the past

Enter a search string in the text box to the right of the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the dataset management window.


Only the datasets that contain the specified string in the file name or description are shown.



You can specify multiple search strings by separating them with a space. Enclose search strings that include spaces with double quotations.


5 Opening a folder containing datasets you used in the past

Right-click a dataset you used in the past to open a shortcut menu, and click Open File Location.


6 Removing datasets you used in the past from the dataset management window

Right-click a dataset you used in the past to open a shortcut menu, and click Remove.



The dataset you remove is only removed from the dataset management window, not from the disk.



A dataset you removed will reappear in the dataset management window if you open it again from Open Dataset.