Setup window

Friday, November 03, 2017


Posted by Yoshiyuki Kobayashi


To open the setup window, click the Setup button in the top right of the window.


1 Using the engine setup window


1.1 Switching between CPU execution and GPU execution

Click CPU or GPU next to Processor Type.


1.2 Selecting the GPU to use on a multiple GPU environment

Use GPU Device Index to specify the index (0 to 3) of the GPU to be used.


1.3 Changing the location of the related libraries that Neural Network Console uses

In the Command Line Interface box, specify the path to of NNabla.

In the Environment Variable box, specify the environment variables that will be used during Neural Network Libraries.



Normally, users do not need to change these settings.


2 Using the display setup window


2.1 Zooming the GUI display size

Drag the GUI Scale slider to specify the zoom ratio.


2.2 Setting the GUI animation (transition) to on or off

Click the Transition check box to set the GUI animation to on or off.


3 Using the version information window


3.1 Viewing the Neural Network Console version and related information

Click the About tab.